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Anti-Slip Mats - For the Protection of Transported Goods

Loadsecure SPECIAL, PROTECT and SECURE anti-slip mats are especially designed for low-cost, efficient protection of products during transportation by road, rail, ship and air freight.

Transported goods are held in place on the transport vehicle by the friction provided by Loadsecure anti-slip mats and are further secured by lashing straps. The high friction coefficient of Loadsecure's anti-slip mats provides an outstanding grip on even the smoothest surfaces, practically eliminating shifting or slipping during transport.

Unforeseen situations – such as abrupt changes of direction, swerving to avoid hazards, sudden braking or collisions can cause very high inertial and centrifugal forces. Means used for securing loads must therefore provide the necessary holding power to keep the load in place in such situations.

According to the applicable regulations for motor vehicle traffic, every load must be secured with 80% of it’s weight toward the front and 50% toward the sides and back. Sufficient load securing implies the need to prevent the load from moving due to centrifugal and mass forces, which can occur especially during braking or in cornering.

The increased friction provided by LoadSecure anti-slip mats also minimises the required tensioning in lashing straps. This is of particular benefit when transporting items such as panels, pipes, plasterboard or any other products which can compress or deform under loading stress.

The high quality of Loadsecure anti-slip mats and their outstanding contribution to transport safety are evidenced by their superb physical properties.

Loadsecure anti-slip mats have a proven track record established over many years of reliable service for companies all over the world.

In other words... with anti-slip mats from LoadSecure, you know you’re on the safe side!